From Design to Delivery, We have it all under one roof

From consultancy and project management to design and manufacture, we offer a single source of supply leaving you free to concentrate on your core business secure in the knowledge that your packaging requirements are in safe hands.


Our extensive design studios use the latest design and modeling software to ensure our packaging solutions fit your products and your needs perfectly. Our CAD design studios are able to precisely model packaging around your products and our state of the art modeling software ensures your product is protected perfectly in all the situations.


Portsmouth Aviation has been a precision engineering company for over 85 years. With our experience and extensive engineering capabilities we deliver practical, efficient and dependable engineering solutions that can be relied upon 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Quality Assurance

Our internal quality and environmental management processes are underpinned by our AS 9100 Revision C, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certifications to give total quality assurance.

Test and Qualify

Our packaging complies with the three main design specifications that all explosives supplied to the MOD directly or through a third source have to follow.

  • Def Stan 00-88- Packaging for Ammunition and Explosives
  • Def Stan 00-814- Unit Loads of Ammunition for Military Use
  • JSP 482- Explosive Packaging, marking and sealing

In addition, packaging can be designed and manufactured to comply with STANAG 2828 and UN Testing (Bonfire & Pit Drop Testing) as well as the MPAS Military Packaging Approved Scheme.

Manufacturing Specification for Timber Containers As a leading supplier to the UK MoD, all our packaging solutions are or can be certified as you require.


Printing is more commonly being used on transit packs not just for company logos and names, but also for handling instructions, shipping symbols and label location markers. We are able to offer flexo printing of cartons in singular or dual pantone colours in one pass,we are also able to offer stencilling, particularly useful when runs are too cost prohibitive to use Flexo printing. Paint finish standards where required;

Top coats to applicable Def Stan 80-25 Colour as required or wood preservatives BS 4072 Copper / Chrome / Arsenic compositions (not to be used in contact with rubber or light alloys). Treated timber can be stained, painted varnished or glued. Suitable for protection against insect infestation. BS 5707 – wood preservative in organic solvent.

CNC Routing

With the capability to CNC rout a wide range of materials up to 3m x 1.5m in size and up to 300mm in depth, we can create any shapes for packaging liners and trays, no matter how complex.

Coupled with cutting speeds of up to 40 meters a minute your designs will be produced to the highest quality possible in the fastest time, whether your routing needs are for a prototype, small batches or high volume production runs.

In addition to CNC routing we also have extensive Injection Moulding capabilities in house, as well as Hot Wire Cutting and Foam Cutting allowing us to custom-fit packaging in the most cost effective ways possible.