Tool & Equipment Handling

Portsmouth Aviation Ltd – Dereham have been able to provide a variety of tool handling solutions. Our customers are then able to efficiently and cost effectively store, transport and protect their tools and equipment as well as organizing their production operations. Bespoke foam tool cases or shadow boards allow for easy identification of missing items as well as providing simple and convenient transport around the globe.

Foam Shadow Boards

Often the most convenient way to store tools is on display where they can be quickly selected and replaced after use. Our foam shadow boards are the smarter and more practical evolution of the tradition hole and peg board and can be tailored to precisely fit any application. Tools are securely held in place, yet are very easy to remove and with the use of two colours of foam empty tool positions are visually highlighted. Precision routing of a wide variety of foam means your foam shadow board is a perfect match to your tools and work place.

Tool Chests and Trays

As an authorised distributor of many of the leading brands of tool chests and trays we are able to offer the best tool storage solution for your application with the benefit of bespoke foam liners to perfectly hold your equipment and tools securely and neatly in place. Routed foam tray liners can also be supplied for customers to fit in their own storage units. Ideal for engineering companies, workshops, factories and garages, our tool handling solutions tidy up storage and reduce handling damage.